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Market, Customer and Competitive Intelligence

Expert intelligence for better decision-making.

Do you know what your customers want? Are you winning against your competition? Are your customers satisfied? Is your market share growing? They’re simple questions with complex answers. We’ll interview your top customers and competitors’ customers, analyze your top competitors, products, plans & strategies, comb through and structure all the data, leverage data analytics and determine your market opportunities. Your company’s next strategic move will be data-driven and informed by detailed competitive intelligence and customer needs assessment.

Market Intelligence

  • Determination of Market Trends, Dynamics and Disruptions
  • Market Segmentation and Characterization
  • Market Size, Growth & Profitability
  • Key Market Insights

Customer Intelligence

  • Target Customers
  • Voice of Customer
  • Customer Needs Assessment
  • Key Customer Insights

Competitive Intelligence

  • Target Competitors
  • Voice of Competitor
  • Competitor Business & Sales Performance Analyses
  • Competitor Product Analyses
  • Competitor Manufacturing and Operations Capabilities
  • Key Competitor Insights