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Market, Sales and Operations Excellence

Your roadmap to organizational success.

Have you targeted the right customers? How effective is your sales force? What do your customers want? Are their needs being met? Are your operations competitive? ECG will find out. Our global experience in all stages of the value chain and product life cycle, combined with our multi-disciplinary team approach, results in forward-thinking business insights that answer your company’s toughest market, sales, and operations questions.

Market Excellence

  • Market-Demand Drivers and Dynamics
  • Market Segmentation, Size, Growth & Profitability
  • Product & Technology Competitiveness
  • Pricing & Cost Analysis
  • Competitor Positioning and Performance
  • Distribution Channel Economics
  • Customer and Competitive Value Proposition
  • Target Market Segments, Customers and Channels

Sales Excellence

  • Customer Needs by Segment
  • Target Customers
  • Customer Buying Behavior
  • Price Sensitivity & Demand Elasticity
  • Decision-Making Unit & Process
  • Sales Cycle and Lead Generation
  • Account Coverage and Plans
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • Sales Force Effectiveness and Management

Operations Excellence

  • Organizational Design & Structure
  • Business Process Improvement & Restructuring
  • Operations Strategy Development
  • Research & Development Plan
  • Product Development Plan
  • Manufacturing Plan
  • Information Technology Plan
  • SG&A Plan