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Technology Commercialization

Build competitive differentiation.

Your “Go” or “No Go” decision is on the horizon, and you’re faced with some important questions and weighty decisions. ECG will lead you in the right direction. Whether you need new technology evaluation and screening, commercialization business planning, business plan implementation, or all of the above, ECG will help you do the heavy lifting so you can focus on being successful and accelerating your revenue growth and profitability.

New Technology Evaluation & Screening

  • Market & Customer Needs Assessment
  • Product & Technology Assessment
  • Competitor Assessment
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Sources of Competitive Advantage
  • Barriers to Commercialization
  • Revenue & Profitability Potential

Technology Commercialization Business Planning

  • New Technology Value Proposition and Product-Market Fit
  • Market, Competitive & Customer Positioning
  • Product Competitiveness and Value Proposition
  • Pricing & Demand Elasticity
  • Evaluation of Strategic Options
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Sales, Marketing, R&D, Operations and Manufacturing Strategies
  • Identification, Screening and Evaluation of Strategic Partners
  • Royalty Rates
  • Financial Pro Formas and Critical Success Factors

Business Plan Implementation

  • Timeframe
  • Key Responsibilities
  • Resource Requirements
  • Critical Success Factors